CD Program

Instant and Accurate Information

  • SFG Financial Services, Inc. provides you with instant access to up-to-the-minute information on rates offered by hundreds of banks and credit unions nationwide.
  • We keep abreast of each new development in the rapidly changing money market field.
  • In addition to supplying up to date rate information, we also provide the most recent financial data on the issuing institutions. This information includes total assets, total liabilities, net capital, profit & loss figures, length of operation, institutions’ rating, and other pertinent data which is updated quarterly.  To compile this information, we utilize data supplied by the FDIC & NCUA, as well as the most reputable publishers of ratings on U.S. financial institutions.
  • Along with providing the information necessary for making intelligent investment decisions, SFG also offers many supportive services such as:
    • periodic analysis & pricing of your portfolio
    • early liquidation programs
    • assistance with laddering your maturities to match your needs
  • With over 10,000 financial institutions nationwide, it is time consuming & costly for investors to research CD Rates with the same depth as SFG Financial Services, Inc.  Let us do the work for you.


Safety & Flexibility

  • All CD’s placed thru SFG Financial Services, Inc. are federally insured up to $250,000, to the extent provided by law
  • We offer:
    • CD’s with maturities ranging from 30 days to 10 years
    • Fixed rates or Variable rates CD’s
    • Interest paying or Zero-Coupon CD’s
    • Callable and Non-Callable CD’s
    • Direct placement or Custodial CD’s thru our federally regulated custodian (Floridian Custody Services)



About Our CD Custodian


  • Floridian Custody Services (“FCS”) is an affiliate of Floridian Community Bank, and a subsidiary of Floridian Community Holdings, a bank holding company established in 2004.
  • Floridian Community Holdings is a well-capitalized bank holding company with assets of approximately $425 million and net capital of approximately $43 million.
  • FCS currently services and safe-keeps approximately $1 billion of insured CD’s.
  • FCS is regulated by the Federal Reserve and the State of Florida Banking Commission
  • FCS issues individual trade confirmations, monthly statement of holdings, and online access for direct account viewing


Flexible Settlement

  • SFG offers same day settlement of all transactions. If your funds are not available until a future date, we can structure a future settlelment and lock in your rate.  In the  event of a delay in settlement , SFG will cover any lost interest.

Upon maturity

  • Upon, or prior to the maturity of each investment, we will contact you to present the best reinvestment options available. Should you choose not to reinvest, SFG will insure that your matured funds are returned to you in a timely manner.


National Network of Investors

  • Our clients contact SFG Financial Services, Inc. to gain access to the latest national CD rates. When an institution’s CD rates are listed with us, they are instantly available to a  nationwide network of institutional investors.


Immediate Access to Deposits

  • Often a financial institution will find that it needs access to immediate funds to increase liquidity, or fund growing loan demand. SFG Financial Services, Inc. has an extensive list of investors nationwide, as well as other funding sources that can provide same-day funding.  One phone call to SFG Financial Services, Inc. can virtually assure you of immediate funds.


Dedicated service is our primary concern

  • We attribute the success of SFG Financial Services, Inc. to the quality of our services. Our success reflects the value we provide our clients.  Personal integrity, financial responsibility, technical sophistication, and professional expertise are the fundamental qualities upon which our company was founded.  These qualities are part of  every service we provide.  We are proud of SFG Financial Services, Inc., and look forward to serving your investment and/or funding needs.